Dry January is complete… Now what!? Carry on!

Dry January is over!

And what an epic month its been!

For most people ”Dry January’ officially ends today. Congratulations for all those that completed it! And congratulations for even taking part if you did. I’m sure EVERYONE feels better for it. People have saved money, improved their liver health, slept better, been more productive, been calmer, been happier. And to celebrate half a million people will be rocking up for work on Friday with a bad head!

Don’t get me wrong, i’d normally be one of them! But my challenge has only just begun. I’m in for the year.

This is already the longest amount of consecutive days i have gone without drinking any alcohol since I started, nearly 20 years ago. I’ve got to admit, I feel like I ‘need’ a blow out.But as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, It’s just a wave, it will pass.

I do however, feel that this is where the work starts. ‘Dry January’ official, or unofficial, has seen a huge rise in participants and non drinkers and with the beauty of social media, this network of people have been easy to check into for some daily motivation when the urge for alcohol has grown strong. Now that’s over.

The huge majority of people will be looking forward to their first glass of wine, or pint of beer tomorrow. And normality is resumed. But i’m putting myself through it another 11 times, for the charity ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ (sponsorship link at the bottom of the page πŸ˜‰

Well, I say ‘putting myself through it’.

That’s not turning out to be the case.

See, i’m happy. Very happy.

I feel like I’ve got into a routine of early mornings at the gym that i wouldn’t be able to do if i’m drinking, I feel like my health is improving, like my relationships are improving, like my concentration, productivity, overall work demeanor is improving. I feel excited more often than depressed. I feel calm. i’m spending … nothing really. So definitely saving money. I feel that my energy was up and down initially, now its sustainable all day, and most of the evening. My sleep quality has improved. I’m feeling like a functioning human being.

And it feels good.

So really i don’t think i am, putting myself through it. Yes, there are challenges to come. There will be social events, weddings, summer beer gardens, all inclusive holidays, Christmas etc…. but i’m building up enough steam to see me through all of them. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

My curiosity is getting the better of my now too. How much money will I save? how healthy will i be? Will I reach a plateau in fitness? And plateau in happiness and then just decline into tearful boredom?Β  Will I want to drink again at the end of the year? How much will my mindset change over the course of the year?

All these questions and more.

I know that my liver health has already improved by nearly 50%. Previous blog. Also, I’ve recently measured my body composition stats on theΒ Tanita BC-1000 again. See below:


They are not dramatic improvements, but they are steady and in the right direction. So i’m happy with that for now.

In February, i aim to step it up a level now:

  • I want to cut out/down on sugar. I want to raise my consciousness to how much i’m consuming because i know that its another ‘vice’ that could be improved. I love chocolate though :/ !
  • I want to raise my consciousness on Fats. I need to consume more good fats and less bad fats. I need to increase my knowledge and understanding on them.
  • I aim to run a 5 mile run at under 8min/mile pace.
  • I aim to get down to 86kg weight
  • I aim to get down to 23% body fat.

I’m not looking for radical targets, just steadily achievable targets, that stretch me slightly, month by month.

Overall in January ive had a great start to the year. I’ve got a consistent gym routine, a consistent meditation practice, saving money and causing minimal damage so far. Long may it continue!

I’d also like to say thank you to all that are supporting me and following my blog. I appreciate the likes and the following. I do aim to become more interactive with my fellow bloggers!

So now its time to celebrate with some chocolate pudding and ice-cream, before i start the next phase! 1 down, 11 to go!


Onwards and Upwards! πŸ™‚

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