Colon, liver, alcohol, dreams

Colon, Liver, Alcohol, Dreams

So, as I mentioned in the previous blog, I had a colon hydrotherapy session the other night. I first discovered these on a Tony Robbins Health Retreat seminar in FIJI. Tony is a big advocate of them because of the powerful health benefits. Keeping the colon (gut) clean is critical to overall health. The average person holds between 7 to 11 pounds of hard fecal matter in their colon. This is Fecal matter that could have been in the gut for years and years. You can only imagine the toxins oozing out of that and into the body.

There are many well documented reports of Elvis Presley dying from ‘constipation’, reports say that he had approx 35lb of hard fecal matter in his colon. Years and years of fatty foods, alcohol and stressful living eventually took its toll.



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You may also be surprised to hear that the gut also has an internal network of neurons, which serve to react independently to the demands of digestion that we throw upon it. This neural network explains the ‘gut feeling’ that we get sometimes. A source of intuition, especially when clean and attuned.

Many colon experts also believe that repressed memories and emotions are stored in the gut. This actually makes sense considering the sinking feelings we often get ‘in our stomachs’. A great article explaining this is here:

A colon hydrotherapy session involves using distilled water to give the 3 major sections of the colon, ascending colon, descending colon and transverse colon, a thorough clean out, uprooting hard fecal matter that has been attached to the walls of the colon for years. These sessions are not just physical, but due to the reasons above, they also clear out emotional debris which has been unknowingly affecting your life for years.

I highly recommend them. For me, I’ve had about 5 now over the course of a year. Each time has been slightly different. In my experience you generally feel lighter, happier, bouncier and clearer in the days following. But the most recent one was very different.

I was tired going into the session, I felt full and heavy, I was actually slightly reluctant to go. During the session I expelled A LOT!, It was a fantastic clear out, I actually felt like i was ‘letting go’ deeply in my gut, I actually felt the effects of emotionally letting go. It’s hard to explain, it just felt like a profoundly cleansing, clear out. A LOT deeper than most other sessions.

I mentioned this the therapist, Helen. She said that due to me quitting drinking, the liver has been flushing out a lot of toxins, I’ve been giving my liver a chance to flush out and recover. Emotionally the liver holds on to anger, frustration and low mood and i may find I’ve been feeling that recently. It was like a lightbulb moment! I’ve been so snappy and irritable recently and i was getting even frustrated because i didn’t know why. It was all starting to make sense!

I left the session feeling fantastic.

The next day however I felt tired all day. I felt good in the morning, but then i just crashed and felt tired, exhausted even, mentally and physically. I went to bed and drifted into a deep sleep………..

Some elements of the dream that i am about to explain are a bit graphic.

I woke at 0430 the next day from a dream that was disturbing, yet relieving, if you have read the previous blog ( ) you may see some similarities here:

I was in my childhood house and childhood bedroom, I was a younger version of me, but not a child. I had just polyfilled and painted 4 holes in the bedroom wall. My dad came in and started criticizing it, saying that he could see some unpainted bits. I reacted with rage, it was a huge overreaction, I was shouting and screaming and i was really upset, he was always criticizing me i shouted, i was trying to shout loud enough so that i got my mums attention in the next room. It worked, she came in and shouted at me too though. Then my younger sister came in. She was saying she was pregnant and saying she was bleeding from her lady bits. My parents wouldn’t help and i looked down to see two thin steel rods, one clean and one with blood on it, I advised that its ok because the blood wasn’t stringy. It all felt calm.

I woke up.

I felt wide awake.

It all felt clear to me and just like the last dream, i felt weirdly relieved and cleansed. My interpretation was:

Maybe i do/did have some repressed rage at my father, for many reasons. Held onto from my childhood. As I’ve said in the previous blog, I love him dearly, but maybe when being punished as a child, the way to make sense of it was to repress it. I woke up remembering times being punished when younger, i remember wanting my mum to help, but she didn’t and my dad had to reluctantly hit me with a slipper, or a belt, i cant remember. I remember it was my mum that told my dad to punish me, and i was angry at her for that.

But I’ve always protected and nurtured my little sister from arguments that my parents used to have, like a father figure. And now actually being a parent to our beautiful son. These repressed memories are now coming to prominence.

I believe that these memories and emotions have been stored in the gut, and the liver. I also believe these I’ve held onto these for years and years and they have been affecting me physically, mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t even aware of them until now. I believe that by quitting drinking and allowing my gut and liver to expel these toxins, coupled with the deep cleanse of the colon hydrotherapy I’m actually letting go of repressed anger, repressed rage.

There is so much more to quitting alcohol than i ever thought would be the case. I thought it would just be straightforward. That’s the second ‘therapeutic dream’ I’ve had this month. I’m sure it’s not the last. I just wonder where i’ll be after the whole year. I do feel like this cleansing process is deeper and more profound than i could have ever imagined.

I do feel i need to just express that my parents are not bad parents, they did the best they could in the circumstances we were brought up, this is just a snapshot of a one off event. I’m grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for me.


Onwards and upwards 🙂

One thought on “Colon, liver, alcohol, dreams

  1. That was one heck of an enema!

    I can count the number of dreams I’ve remembered in the last 20 years on two hands. I also looked at my “beatings” a little differently. I deserved most of what I got, but it usually wasn’t worse than a smack, a belt or a wooden spoon. I let go of what little stored anger I had decades ago.

    As to the dreams, I can’t tell you how much freedom there is in my dreams simply being my brain’s way of taking out the garbage. Nothing more to fix, nothing to sweat. I just let it all go.

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