Timelog diary #1 – dehydration


Been up since 5am. Smelt a bit funky in the bedroom, Our little man had a surprise package for us ๐Ÿ™‚ went out for a run, 4.5miles. 8min 31s pace. Getting faster. Still felt heavy though. Think mine and little Harrison’s bowels had become synchronised overnight, because when I got back I exploded! Note to self, empty bowels before morning runs.

Got into work in a good mood, had a banana. Work colleague said he’s completed 5 days off the beer, said he’s gonna try and do the weekend. Feeling quite pleased that he’s even partly inspired.


Lemon water. Thinking about food. What food is healthy, but filling, but energising, but also slightly wrong? (hardwired for a Friday morning treat) hmmm?


Opted for a chicken, bacon and salad sandwich. Or, as it turned out, just chicken and bacon. Apparently saying chicken, bacon and SALAD, twice wasnt enough times.


Feeling a bit tired now, heads busy, concentrations going. Im thinking in my head but my speech isn’t following what I’m thinking. Probably dehydrated.. going to drink more water….


Feel a lot better, almost instantly. Had two pints of water and regained coherance. Maybe it’s true what they say about dehydration after all… who knew!? ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel so ignorant to what I already know. I’m not immune. Do the maths, I’ve been for a run this morning without any water. I’ve lost fluids, salts and minerals. I’ve then come to work, still riding high and then suddenly crashed. Wondering why I’m feeling lethargic, confused and tired!?

I’m a fairly educated guy with a history in military physical training. But sometimes we just ignore things that we already know… my body NEEDS rehydrating. It needs fluids, salts and minerals. It DOES NOT NEED coffee, biscuits or and other type of sugary snack.

Just had another pint of water with a bit ofย Green Powder โ€“ ULTIMATE BLEND.

Feeling good again, though my forehead itches. Probably cold burned from this mornings run. (Unfortunately I have a rather large forehead).


Work colleague has buckled. Just told me he’s going straight to the pub/club after work. Oh well, intention was there.. ish


An infograph to share….



Everyone has left work, its quiet. I can hear the planes and trains humming by. I can also hear a ringing in my ears. Mild tinnitus? Can you get that from drinking too much water?


Just got home, feel proper shattered. Could easily sleep.


Just been for colonic hydrotherapy. ( A subject worth a full blog in the future). I needed it so much. I was very internally clogged and it was dry. Advised to eat more good healthy fats (I know but am not practicing AGAIN), and that due to quitting drinking my liver will be working hard to expel toxins as quick as possible and try to get back into equilibrium. I think would also explain my low moods of late.

I feel great now that I’ve been, and looking forward to maintaining this sparkle cleaned gut health and upgraded liver. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, I am starving, so just sat waiting for a Friday night curry :). Probably not the wisest choice. But mmm tasty!


Curry done, though not all of it. Couldn’t manage it. All in all a good day, with a couple of good realisations.

Roll on tomorrow.


Onwards and Upwards ๐Ÿ™‚



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