Who are we without alcohol?

Are we scared of who we are without sedation, without alcohol?

Are we scared that we’ll find nothingness in the cold reality of a sober Saturday morning?

Are we scared that it’s not drink that makes us rude, angry, promiscuous, a bit of a nob head. It’s just who we are?

Are we scared that we won’t fit in if we don’t drink?

Are we scared that we have to rediscover ourselves without the nectar?

Are we scared that we will lose friends, lose contact with society and alienate ourselves without collectively poisoning ourselves into stupors together?



So actually, taking into account the amount of fears attached to NOT DRINKING, it takes a lot of guts to knock beer on the head. It’s a big social risk. Risk is stressful. We drink when we’re stressed. What a perfect loop.

What I have discovered since my alcohol sabbatical so far is that:

– I feel more human,

– I feel more sure about who I am,

– I wake up on Saturday mornings with an inquisitive excitedness. And am more productive than ever before.

– I feel more in control, purposeful, calm and confident than before.

– I feel more connected than before, more sure of myself and my place in society.

– I feel awake.

– I’ve been back in touch with old friends and connect with existing friends on a deeper level. Friends are friends, ‘drinking partners, are just that too…

So it all seems to be a bit of a paradox. Everything I thought or feared about drinking I seem to be getting the opposite.

I suppose that could explain most fears. As irrational and unfounded. Just that with alcohol, I’m seeing so many benefits that I’m starting to wonder why I haven’t done this earlier!?

My advice would be, feel the fear, and do it anyway 🙂


Onwards and upwards 🙂


3 thoughts on “Who are we without alcohol?

      1. Love is the same! You have to enjoy it and then let it go completely! Only then does it come back!
        When you get too greedy, then you meet with the horror!

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