#week 3 – The daily grind.

3 weeks down, 49 to go.

Shit that sounds monumental.

I’ll be honest, the daily grind has now kicked in. And I feel tired.

But the daily grind is an expected hurdle on any path to success, the daily grind is a sign of progress. I did expect a ‘daily grind’. In the moment it feels like just going through the motions, but actually it’s where the growth happens. At least I keep telling myself that.

I’ve always been a dreamer. Always a semi action taker. Always starting something with high hopes and good intentions and then feeling the mundane pull of the daily grind and then reaching for the beers. I’m convinced that all my failed past projects in the past have ALL been because of alcohol.

It knocks you off your kilter you see.

I used to leave a seminar, or personal development event ready to take the world on, starting things with ambition and belief. But 2 or 3 weekends later, I’m back in the loop. Drink, recover, grow slightly, drink. I swap the daily grind of the success path I was chasing with a weekly grind that I was familiar with.

Not this year!

So why’s it different now? Why am I convinced that I won’t buckle this time?


1. I’ve created accountability that would be more painfully embarrassing for me to fail than to succeed. Ive committed to do this for a charity ‘make a wish foundation’ and I’ve openly told me nearest and dearest. I’ve already had people commit sponsorship money. My word, my integrity and my honour would count for nothing from this day forward if i succumbed to one drop of alcohol.

2. My beautiful baby boy. I want him to grow up hearing stories of how his birth changed the destructive habit of a lifetime. How his very presence on earth immediately improved the lives of everyone around him. How my love for him defeated my personal demons in an instant.

3. Blogging – in blogging I have found an outlet. I hold myself accountable to anyone and everyone that reads this blog. I’ve discovered a new found hobby and a new found community of people to share my challenges with.

Im in deep gratitude for all these reasons. And also I’m in gratitude for the daily grind.

Now the daily grind has a bit more juice to it. Now it can be shared and monitored. I can look back and track the good days, and weeks, which feeds hope when the low points come.

I do feel tired, but at least now without alcohol clouding my judgment, I’m clear enough to realise that, and rest accordingly.

So, the weekly round up, this is what I achieved last week:

– Excercised 3 times, including 4.5 mike run @ 8.45min/mile pace.

– meditated 3 times, min 10 mins each.

– had 2 days sub 700 calories.

– set up my product review website : https://beerfreetools.wordpress.com

– Chipped away at the house TODO list.

This week I feel like stepping it up a level. So the goals for this week are:

– Exercise at least 4 times.

– meditate at least 4 times.

– complete at least 1 more product review.

– Go to the doctors for 2nd liver appointment

– complete a full 24 hour water only fast, and one day sub 700 calories.

– blog at least 4 times

so then, that’s the targets for the week set. Time to buckle up for the daily grind and get stuck in. With a smile.


Onwards and upwards 🙂


One thought on “#week 3 – The daily grind.

  1. Try going to a meeting or ten…. While you’re doing well, I thoroughly enjoy being amongst a roomful of others who are going through the exact same thing I am. It’ll help when things really get tough, too. Having friends to talk to.


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