#week 2 – consistency is key.

New Targets

So at the start of week 3 I feel good. I feel cleaner, a bit lighter and a glimmer of pride is beginning to flicker through. Two solid weeks of not drinking and blogging every single day.

I still feel like a have a compressive headache and I still feel heavy. But I know I’m on the right path. Improvements could be made in diet, I could exercise more and longer, I could and should start integrating a regular meditation practice. But all in good time. I’d rather introduce things gradually, take them and integrate them and then take on the next habit.

Things are going ok.

So last week I achieved the following:

– exercised 3 times in the week.

– blogged every day

– completed 2 days on sub 700 calories

– went to my dads birthday meal, alcohol free.

– went out for a pub meal alcohol free

– sorted out a huge chunk of my todo list.

Its been a steady week, like I said earlier, not rushing things. Consistency is key.

So looking forward to this week, the goals are:

– Exercise at least 3 times

– Meditate at least 2 times

– Complete 2 days on sub 700 calories

– Sort out life insurance/wills

– Blog at least every other day.

Again, all very achievable I would say.

I hope you all have a great week!


Onwards and upwards!!


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