Alcohol Cycle

The weekend is coming, I’m feeling relieved!

Its party time, no more being aggrieved

The stress is forgotten

The beers start flowing.

Gonna get drunk rotten

The cracks now start showing.


Goodtimes are had, and damage is done

I couldn’t care less though, I’ve had my fun

I wake with the guilt

And cover up my shame

Last night was full tilt

Barely remembered my name


Sunday is rough, nerves are a high

I’m feeling shambolic, I ask myself why?

Monday’s fast approaching

i am not feeling ready

Like a bird with one wing

Should have taken it steady.


The first day is dreadful, dragged through the day,

And Tuesday is no better, sick of feeling this way.

On Wednesday things change

I feel I can cope

The weekend’s in range

I start to feel hope.


I wake up on Thursday, I’m ready to go

Start planning the weekend, more damage I know.

I’ll change it one day

But for now it is set

And now it’s Friday

A mad one I bet


The cycle continues, for years upon years

Silent damage is done, there have been many tears

When does it stop

What makes us mature?

To get off the pop.

As yet I’m not sure…


But one day things do change, and we realise new things

That beer causes us problems, not just the pocket it stings.

so leave it alone now

And just let it be

Though we’re never shown how.

To set ourselves free.


Onwards and upwards 🙂






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