£100000’s worth of beer tokens.

Financial Implications



I feel a bit sick.

But also relieved.

I’ve just been thinking about how much money I estimate to have spent on alcohol and alcohol related activities. Taxis, lost wallets, junk food, gambling machines, getting unreturned rounds in, nightclub entries etc etc etc…. the list goes on and 20 years worth!. So how do you quantify it?

By way of estimation, and for simplicity sake i’m going to estimate an average of £100 per weekend. This is taking into account that some wknds have included a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There have been weekends when i haven’t drank (not many) and there have been weekends when I’ve spent waaaay more. So i think £100/wknd could actually be a lot lower than the real amount. But for the sake of this, i’ll consider it a fair figure. So here goes…….

Calculating years from aged 17 until now 35. Thats 18 years.

£100/wknd = £5200/Year

x 18 years = £93600


As i said, a bit sick.

That would have cleared a mortgage. I could be living mortgage free!

But i’m not.

The key question is, would i have changed anything if i would have known? The answer is probably not. I’ve had some great times on alcohol. I’ve enjoyed the party. But the point of all of this now is that, the party ends at some point. I’m not saying i’m never going to drink again, I don’t know, we’ll see how i feel at the end of the year. But i’m saying that entering this phase of life.. I cant afford to piss nearly 100 grand up the wall! Looking at the financial toll is quite sobering in itself. I only imagine that if you could transfer the financial figure, to a health equivalent then i wonder what damage i’ve done also.

Anyway, whats done is done, the past is in the past. I can only learn the lessons and focus on now and the future. Its actually exciting to think that over this year i’ll be about £5000 better off! That will be some holiday next year.

I hope this reaches just one person out there who is toying with the idea of quitting, or at least cutting back. I hope they do their own calculations and use it as motivation to quit. I hope all of my blogs and my year off reaches somebody, anybody who may get a little bit of inspiration and incentive to ditch the beer, and keep the beer tokens!.


Onwards and upwards! 🙂





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