Under the wave.


Feeling like the wave has come crashing down.

It was good for a while, now real life has kicked in.

Work stresses, home stresses, feeling my head pound.

Feeling the pull for a cold beer, from a glass or a tin.


This is where the work starts, this is where the challenge is

New habits to form and new things to focus on.

The party is over, it’s now the real world this

The alcoholic medication has had its day, now it’s gone.


Enthusiasm is waning, but I know it’s a wave.

Like everything in life it comes and it goes.

I have faith it will return and a new path I will pave.

When one wave crashes down, the next soon follows….


Onwards and upwards!


4 thoughts on “Under the wave.

    1. That’s why I love the blogging world. No, I hadn’t even considered PAWS until you mentioned it. Very empowering to look into and understand. I think it explains the ‘waves’ and it helps to understand that that’s what’s going on. Thank you 🙂

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