Seeing the doors, without the beer goggles.

I’m feeling a bit blessed at the minute.

I have managed to find a great gym, 2 mins from work, that normally just rents the space out to personal trainers to use for their clients. Yet somehow I’ve negotiated to use the gym alone at 0600 in the mornings for a very nominal fee. Is this luck?

A good friend said that now I’ve quit drinking, I’ll find that my higher self is guiding me and opening doors for me. I have to agree with her. I do feel like I’ve noticed a couple of occurrences like the gym discovery seem to be happening for me this year. It’s like the doors are presenting themselves, but it’s still up to me to take action and walk through them.

Maybe, the doors always present themselves? Maybe our higher selves are always at work seeking out opportunities for us to follow up on? I’m beginning to see how overindulgence in alcohol can slam these doors shut. I feel now that I’ve been half aware of the doors around me, but every time I tried one, it was locked. So I slowly started to lose faith.

However, even with the renewed faith in my higher self, and my growing mental strength that I can and will complete this year off the beer. (Minimum) Action still needs to be taken. I still need to drag my arse out of bed and actually get to the gym  at 0600.

I think that’s where the potential for failure comes in. When the opportunity presents itself and it’s not taken advantage of. It’s ignored. Sooner or later the ‘higher self’ is just not gonna bother it’s arse for you.

So in short, I guess my message here is:

Make a positive change

Trust in your higher self

Take action

Get grateful and appreciate 🙂


Onwards and upwards!


2 thoughts on “Seeing the doors, without the beer goggles.

  1. There are so many landmines in your path, it’s impossible to count them… Wait till your higher self realizes you quit adding alcohol to your system. Have the shakes started yet? Just keep writing and know this: What is happening to you right now, that awesome feeling, is normal. It is also normal for that feeling to end abruptly – in every instance I’ve ever seen. The real work starts then. In the meantime, enjoy this time. It’s a gift and it’ll help you later.

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  2. Thank you for your support. And I agree. The pitfalls are there. But I think expectation of these and having a more empowering focus overpowers my old associations. At least for now. .


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