What a difference a week makes!

Day 1 of Week 2


What a difference a week makes.

I bounced into work this morning. I felt good. I was suffering with a sort of mental fog towards the end of last week that was like a prolonged hangover. I was slurring, incoherent and tired. It was actually affecting my overall confidence. Today, however, new man. I felt great! I had energy, enthusiasm and i was flowing.

This just doesnt happen on a monday.

Or apparently it does.

My skin feels softer today and the bags under my eyes are vastly reduced. I feel like i can look at myself in the mirror again. I was productive, clear and confident. This is who I want to be! Ok, maybe i was too intense at times, especially to my poor girlfriend. She got an barrage of chatter on the phone about a BBC Horizons documentary i watched last night on the health benefits of fasting. All while she was trying to get our newborn baby ready for a stroll in the pram. But overall i felt a whole world away from the sorry state i dragged myself into work in last week.

Just goes to show what an alcohol free weekend can do for you! I’m excited now at the prosepct of maintaining this state. This should be a base state, not a peak state. I’m basically excited cos i feel ‘normal’.

I’m excited about stepping this up, about practicing many healthy practices and spilling my experiences about them on here. I will be looking into and blogging about the benefits of fasting, of meditation, of nutrition, of exercise, of the clarity of thought, the mind body connection, love, healing modalities. I havent even started yet.

Towards the end of last year, I took a few steps back to get a running jump. I let my diet go, let my exercising go, drank more than i normally would, or probably should and basically stopped caring. But i was always caring deep down, I knew that i was going to hit the year clean and make a fresh start. I hope to show the statistical benefits of not drinking, eating a good balanced diet and just conducting a straightforward exercise plan.

And i really hope this optimistic energy is the reward for not drinking. If it is, a year without beer may not be such a daunting task after all.

Onwards and upwards!


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