Stop it now! A message from an overworked liver…

My liver actually hurts.

Ok, I deliberately, indignantly hit it hard over Xmas. I ate and drank like I had a free pass to abuse my body. And my body is responding.

I knew that I would be taking a year off the beer. So I crammed as much in as I could. Stupid and ignorant come to mind now. I ate like I was aiming for gout as a baseline to start from. ‘My body will sort itself out’.

Thats the beauty and the tragedy of the body. It is such a perfect machine that we take for granted it’s ability to restore and repair.

At a risk of sounding sexist, the body is like a good woman, if we abuse it and don’t appreciate its beauty it will eventually leave us in a world of pain. And to come from a female angle, the body is like a good man, if you take for granted all the hard work it puts in, it will eventually leave you to pick up the pieces.

I must have heard that somewhere!?

Anyway, the point is disease, comes from not being at ease. Think about it, Dis – ease. And piling crap and alcohol into the body without giving it a chance to restore will certainly cause Dis-Ease.

My liver is telling me that I’ve done too much. It’s screaming at me. I just need to respect it now, and nurture it back to health. I think I’ve caught it in time. I know the liver can heal itself. But as cells die and scar tissue in the liver forms, cirrhosis is not too far away. I hope I’ve caught it in time.

It’s time to pay my liver and body the respect it deserves. I am committed to stopping the ignorant abuse and reliance of my organs to just ‘deal with it’.

Self esteem and self respect come from actually respecting yourself. And that includes all the organs and components of this gift that is the body.

Im committed now to respecting my body, as well as my mind. I just hope it’s not too late. I will research more about healing the liver and report back on here with my findings.

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5 thoughts on “Stop it now! A message from an overworked liver…

  1. My wife’s cousin thought that about the liver… that it heals itself. Unfortunately she did finally quit. On her death bed. Don’t do that to yourself. It does, of course, heal itself, but only if you quit soon enough and stay quit.


    1. Pretty sobering stuff in itself. Sorry to hear it. I’m booking in at the doctors tomorrow to do a liver function test. I feel like I’m ok but I still want to know what I’m dealing with.


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