A whole year off the beer! The Why’s and Stats on NYD 2018!

01/01/17 – 1100hrs


Because its about time! Alcohol has been slowing me down in all areas of my life for so long. Its been a constant source of unhappiness, happiness, pain and pleasure. It gave me false confidence when fuelled up, but actually has been slowly eating away at my confidence and most other areas of my life for so long.

I feel like it has cost me an absolute bomb to slowly deteriorate my relationships, my health, my happiness, my self-esteem and my liver.

Now I have a beautiful baby boy in my life to focus on, its time to stop.

So I’ve put it all on the line. I’ve signed up for a charity and committed to do the whole of 2018 alcohol free. Now, rather than shying away from it and secretly trying to cut down, I’ve made my self completely accountable, to all that I know. I’ve signed up for a charity and am actively looking for sponsors, from all the people that I feel would berate me normally.

My chosen charity is the ‘Make a Wish foundation’. I really feel that this charity resonates with me because I like the idea of making a terminally ill childs dream come true. If I can go for one year and contribute to making a childs dream come true, then that in itself should be motivation enough. Should be.


How I’m feeling about it.

So today is New years day. Last night I had a conservative bottle of red wine, bottle of prosecco and 3 Aldi stubby beers (in the 10 mins before midnight). I have that familiar feeling of a cloudy head, groggy throat, slight guilt and mental tiredness. Although because i’ve made the commitment I also have mixed feelings. I feel that not many, (nobody) feels that I can do it. And I find that weirdly motivating. I want to prove to everyone that I can do it. I suppose overall I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I do have my doubts, because alcohol has been such a big part of my life for so long. And a year is a long time! But I really feel that if I can establish some new weekend habits, and I can feel physical and mental benefits then I think I can do it. I know I can do it. I’m going to use this blog to spill my feelings and also as a reference for how far ive come when times get hard. And i’m fairly sure they will get hard!


Overall feeling.

At the minute overall in myself I feel low. I feel like I’m actually mentally injured from the amount of alcohol I used to drink. I feel like it has got to the point that it actually affects my ability to communicate, affects my throat and my voice. Affects my confidence in normal social situations, and even at work.

I feel sluggish, overweight, constantly lacking energy and lacking consistent drive. I feel dry inside-out and dehydrated. I feel over acidic and very ready to change for the better. New year, new me right!? We’ll see.



So part of what i will be measuring in the process is my overall body stats. Just to see (hopefully) how much affect not drinking has on my body. I have a set of body scanner weighing scales and i will use these to consistently measure my stats. I will explain stats and the weighing scales in future blogs, but for now, Starting stats and measurements below:

Weight – 93.2KG

Body Fat – 29.2%

Water – 49.8%

Muscle – 62.7

Phys Rate – 2

BMR – 1968

Metabolic age – 50! (i’m 35 years old)

Bone density – 3.3

Visceral Fat – 11

Waist @ bellybutton – 42”

Chest – 42”

Neck – 18”

Biceps – 14”

Thighs – 25”


Some of these stats at this stage are pretty alarming. Especially my visceral fat, water levels and metabolic age. This seriously needs to change.


The Goals

So now i know my stats, I know i need to change. My goals for this year are to obviously complete the whole year alcohol free, to blog my progress and hopefully inspire others to take some time off the beer if it is causing you problems in your lives.

I will do future blogs about my journey, including thoughts and goals on health and fitness and overall wellbeing.

Ready to change!

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